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Niko Ltd NCL enclosed conductor bar is an ideal for power supply to overhead cranes, electric chain hoists, traveling machine beds, free standing goliath cranes and moving industrial machinery.


  • Current range - 64amp, 78amp, 100amp, 140amp & 200amp.
  • Poles - standard systems have 4 poles, but they can be easily increased up to 7 poles.
  • Power supply feed - can be fed from either end or in-line depending on the location of the source power supply.
  • Bends - designed and built to order with a 800mm minimum radius.
  • Funnels - can be fitted with funnels at exits and entries, allowing localised power feeding. This makes a very cost effective solution to supplying systems with bends and switches.
  • Finish - PVC coating, however alternative systems are available with steel and aluminum casing.


  • Full travel movement throughout the system
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Safer than open 4-bar alteratives
  • Can easily be extended
  • No trailing cables

Also known as

  • Enclosed Bus Bar
  • Enclosed conductor line
  • Bus bar / busbar
  • Buzz bar / buzzbar